5 Seniman yang Menginspirasiku Untuk Terus Menggambar Zentangle!

Dari judulnya, udah tau kan aku mau nulis apa di sini? Hehehe.

Dibuat memakai Zebra Mildliner brush pen (biru & kuning), dan Snowman brush pen (hijau). Outline hitam memakai Copic Multiliner 0.03.

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Let’s do Zentangle!

Some of you may have seen or heard about this type of art. I would simply define zentangle as mixing and repeating patterns on any media. I can proudly say that I’m one of those many people who do zentangle a lot! I’ve done dozens of zen-arts since 2014, you could check them on my Instagram (it’s currently deactivated, but you could always check it later if you want!). Now let’s talk further about it, get your pens ready!

Any patterns are fun patterns!

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