Hello, Again.

Woohoo I’m writing again! I’m surprised how long it takes for me to write another post after the last one.

(here my excuses start) (just skip this part) These two months had been cray-cray and I was a bit stressed out. There were some new projects at work. There was some minor renovation in my house which was quite disturbing. My house assistant is no longer around so I gotta help to do the chores I’m not accustomed to. I had a lot of irons in the fire and gotta go out of town almost every week so I was physically tired. And also, there were some personal things/issues going on that made me mentally drained. I used all my free time to rest, pray, do nothing and overthink things, or simply meditate. Writing was not my top priority, so yeah. (here the end of my excuses) (thank you if you actually care and read this, lol)

And now some of them had passed, I feel like I can actually take a breath and continue my routine. Working in peace, drawing, hanging out, everything. And also writing! I think I have some more topics to be shared in this blog, hopefully I can make writing one of my routines too! I’m gonna start with one post per week to start –will try my best to manage.

This is no longer a 30-day-writing-challenge-whatsoever, it’s just me trying to consistently grow my skill in writing. So, hello again!🌼

Let’s grow! (Made using Procreate.)

You (Actually) Have Time.

Replace the word “lettering” with anything you’ve been wanting to do for so long. Good luck!😊

If you think you spend too much time on your Instagram like me, you might want to check this app: Digital Wellbeing. You’ll probably be surprised by the amount of time you spend on Instagram (or generally, your phone). I believe allocating your Insta-time for something more productive is SUPER worth it.

This app is developed by Google and it tracks your digital habits. I’ve used it for months and it really helped me in many ways. I used to spend 5-6 hours a day on my phone, but these days I only spend 3-4 hours on average. It’s still a big number, but you know, it’s a progress.

Being a remote worker means I have full control of how I used my 24-hour. My boss isn’t around to check out my works every now and then so I can slouch all I want, as long as I did my works perfectly and on time.

I opened my phone every time I had the chance to take a break. Instagram was the most used app on my phone. It took me TWO-FREAKING-HOUR every day. I don’t post a lot, but I do love scrolling every picture on my timeline, liking, commenting, replying to stories, sharing funny posts, and chatting through DMs. Well yeah it’s definitely a way to socialize, but is it worth my two hours every single day?

After realizing how much time I wasted on Instagram and how I always unconsciously opened it, I tried to limit my Instagram usage. Thanks to the app I mentioned above, I can set a timer; I started with 1,5 hour, 1 hour, 30 minutes, and last week, I ended up deactivating my Instagram account. I also deleted the app from my phone so I don’t relapse 😀 Now I have more time to work on my writing (and drawing). After all, two hours is more than enough to do anything.