Five-year comparison! (2014 vs 2019)

Sooooo I recreated one of my very first mandalas from 2014! Same pens, same sketchbook.

2014 (left) vs 2019 (right)

Drawing for me is like writing a journal. When I look at my old drawing, I can mostly remember what I felt while I was drawing it, what/whom I was thinking, or what/who inspired me to make it. Also, every phrase I quote in my works (and Instagram caption) is related to what happened in my life, so I do remember what’s behind every drawing.

I used to surf the web looking for patterns that are easy enough to copy and modify (steal like an artist, right?), and countless mandalas later… My hand draws what it wants🤣 I’m just enjoying every line that I draw until now. The difference after these 5 years may look subtle, but I’m content with the progress made.