Drawing from Memory?!

I’ve been watching “Draw-Off” series from Buzzfeed on YouTube lately. In each episode of this series, there are pairs of incredible artist/illustrator/cartoonist sit face-to-face and compete in a series of drawing challenges –my favorite is when they’re drawing famous characters from memory.

Screenshot from the episode “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw ’90s Characters From Memory”. I stan for Jackie!

It might sound easy peasy but it is obviously not. Let’s take Patrick Star for example. I’m sure everyone will recognize him easily. But can you recall what kind of pants he’s wearing, what his eyes’ color is, or whether he has eyebrows? Probably not.

We see a lot of characters every day in comics, in TV shows, and in memes. And yet, their details are incredibly hard to remember without a reference. Interesting, right?

After watching all episodes of the series, I feel challenged to do it too! ‘Cause why not? 😀 Continue reading “Drawing from Memory?!”

Hello, Again.

Woohoo I’m writing again! I’m surprised how long it takes for me to write another post after the last one.

(here my excuses start) (just skip this part) These two months had been cray-cray and I was a bit stressed out. There were some new projects at work. There was some minor renovation in my house which was quite disturbing. My house assistant is no longer around so I gotta help to do the chores I’m not accustomed to. I had a lot of irons in the fire and gotta go out of town almost every week so I was physically tired. And also, there were some personal things/issues going on that made me mentally drained. I used all my free time to rest, pray, do nothing and overthink things, or simply meditate. Writing was not my top priority, so yeah. (here the end of my excuses) (thank you if you actually care and read this, lol)

And now some of them had passed, I feel like I can actually take a breath and continue my routine. Working in peace, drawing, hanging out, everything. And also writing! I think I have some more topics to be shared in this blog, hopefully I can make writing one of my routines too! I’m gonna start with one post per week to start –will try my best to manage.

This is no longer a 30-day-writing-challenge-whatsoever, it’s just me trying to consistently grow my skill in writing. So, hello again!🌼

Let’s grow! (Made using Procreate.)

Different Kind of Sunday.

Working in a company that has 24-hour work culture, you could say that I’m “always on”, even on Sunday. But not this Sunday.

The Eid holiday is here!

I’m hoping everyone’s having a good time with their loved ones❤

Made this earlier on my iPad. My Sunday isn’t usually chill like this.


Menghadapi Art Block!

Art block adalah keadaan dimana seseorang merasa tidak memiliki ide, inspirasi, atau motivasi untuk membuat sebuah karya seni (Aida, 2019). Lol jk. Tapi memang kurang lebih seperti itu yaa. Hihi. Kamu pernah mengalaminya juga?

Aku pernah, bahkan cukup sering. Ada waktu-waktu dimana aku punya banyak kesempatan untuk menggambar (alias gabut), tapi saat menghadapi sebuah kertas yang masih kosong, tidak ada satu pun ide yang muncul. Do I suck at this? Keraguan selalu datang di saat-saat seperti ini, yang pada akhirnya membuat kertas itu pada akhirnya tetap kosong.

Banyak distraksi lain yang terasa lebih menarik dan kurasa akan membantuku lupa bahwa aku tidak pandai menggambar. Kemudian saat aku mulai termotivasi kembali dan mencoba mencari inspirasi dengan melihat karya-karya lain yang luar biasa bagus, hal yang malah terlintas di otakku adalah, bahwa sebanyak apapun usaha yang aku kerahkan, gambarku bahkan tidak akan pernah mendekati level mereka walau hanya satu jengkal.

Ilustrasi oleh ResoluteAssassin.

Untungnya, art block tidak pernah bertahan lama untukku. Here’s how I fight it when it haunts! Continue reading “Menghadapi Art Block!”